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Testing of the Flipped DT Toolkit - do you want to become a Flipped Digital Teacher?

The project can happily announce that we are in the phase of validating the Flipped Digital Teachers Toolkit across the partnercountries Sweden, Greece and Spain. The Toolkit is not openly available in all languages on the plattform Moodle, and if you would like to become a diplomed Flipped Digital Teacher, make sure to participate in the testing, by reaching out to us!

The Toolkit consits of 3 parts, and takes approximately 9 hours to complete.

FlippedDT EN version This LMS contains:

  1. Flipped DTs Training Toolkit of Open Educational resources

  2. Video pills – which will lead to a page with 10 different video links and related information.

  3. Interactive Catalogue of Good practices - which will open one page with information and links

Please follow the instructions in our leaflet of participation, if you are interested in becoming a Flipped Digital Teacher!


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