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Project Aims

  • Introduce the Concept of Flipped Classroom and its main features in adult education. 

  • Present the methodology of Flipped Learning and Blended Learning.

  • Provide tools and techniques to incorporate a Flipped Learning approach in migrant adult education.

  • Present the essential elements for successful planning and management of a Flipped Classroom.

  • Familiarize trainers with techniques, tools and resources for developing an online training offer.

  • Show how to work with digital video and sound on mobile devices.

  • Show how to use social media to promote collective learning.

  • Introduce Mobile apps for learning and Flipping.

  • Present practices for monitoring the performance of trainers and students, and ensure the training implementation.

  • Help the trainers to identify the most suitable methodologies, tools and techniques for a Flipped Class.

  • Provide skills and competencies to incorporate ICT in trainers everyday teaching (creation of multimedia content, publication and administration of content, management of digital communities).

  • Show how to use digitals tools to create a positive and motivating Flipped Classroom.

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