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Addressing the digital transformation in adult migrant education

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Flipped DT





Flipped Digital Teachers is a 20 months Project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission, which aims to support teachers and trainers in adult education and improve online education through Flipped Methodology.

Flipped Digital Teachers project aims to create an innovative methodological teaching approach for designing learning programs in adult migrant education, based on the Flipped Methodology. 


The main goal of the project is to redefine the role of the trainers/teachers of the vulnerable collectives. The project is focused on giving a solution to the challenges that trainers of vulnerable groups face, such as social exclusion, learning and engagement.


The project aims to answer comprehensively to the new educational needs arising as a result of the pandemic, through the application of the Flipped Learning methodological approach, and appropriate use of digital tools that allows reinforcement of communication, collaborative learning and emotional engagement of students.


Project objective is to develop a digital Toolkit based on the methodological framework based of Flipped Learning, and train the first generation of Flipped Digital Teachers.



The Flipped Digital Teachers  project will design and develop a digital open educational resource (Flipped Digital Toolkit), making it possible for teachers and trainers in adult education to implement Flipped Methodology into their online and offline classrooms.

Flipped Toolkit will train teachers on how to use and adapt Flipped Learning Methodology in a digital setting, to be able to plan, design and deliver training programmes in adult migrant education.  It will also present a variety of digital tools, templates and activities to use.


The Toolkit will consist of interactive Modules, videos and excercises for training and acquiring new skills, plan lessons and activities, assess and evaluate the classroom. The trainers will learn to design educational experiences that allow students to assess themselves and improve their learning process.

Flipped Digital Toolkit includes 10 Video Training Pills, showing how to use mobile resources and social networks, to organize training sessions and online training delivery.

Flipped Digital Toolkit also includes an Interactive Catalogue of Best Practices, to show a successful application of Flipped Methodology in adult migrant education. The Catalogue of Best Practices will showcase problems and solutions that can be transferred and used by trainers in their everyday teaching. 

The Flipped Toolkit will be available in English, Swedish, Greek, Spanish and Polish, available online as an open educational resource and optimal to be used in adult educational environment.


The final version of the Flipped Digital Teachers Toolkit will be available in September 2023. 


Target Groups

Project's Target Groups
Primary target group is formed by trainers/teachers in adult education, mainly educating the vulnerable collective of migrants and refugees. Secondary target group consists of students within these collectives, who will benefit from the use of Flipped Methodology.

Facilitators, tutors, adult education teachers/trainers who will benefit from using Blended Learning and Flipped Learning. Adult education professionals, language schools, volunteers, educators, social workers, career counselors that work with integration and education. Any professional that works with education and integration, will benefit from the project.

Organizations that work in the area of active and blended learning. Research institutions and organizations that work with innovation in adult education. They are key actors to use, spread and support the results of the project, and it's sustainability. NGOs and organizations that work in the area of migrant training through learning programs. Organizations (private/public) that work to promote migrant and refugees inclusion, education and integration. 

Social actors, civil society organizations, NGOs, volunteers, associations that work with collectives in risk of exclusion. Public administration and govermental bodies that regulate and develop policies and initiatives addressed to migrant and refugees education and social labor integration.

Associated Partners
All of the above, that can be helpful in supporting and adressing the development of Flipped Digital Teachers Toolkit. These organizations are invited to participate in the development of the project, mainly through testing activities and project results, assessing and evaluating project progress and results, and acting as multiplier agents in terms of spreading the use of the Flipped DT Toolkit.

Would you like to be an associated partner of the project and be a part of the Flipped Digital Revolution?
Send an e-mail to us through the contact form.

(participating in the project is completely free and will give you access to a variety of educational resources, informations and events)   

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