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The final version of Flipped Digital Teachers Toolkit!

We are happy to be able to present the Flipped Digital Toolkit, open and available for anyone who wants to become the next generation of Flipped Digital Teachers!

This is the final draft of the digital Toolkit, and we woudld be happy for anyone to use it and leave feedback in neccessary on our website

To access the ENG-version of the Toolkit, please follow this link: Erasmus+ Flipped Digital Teachers project (

Overview of the Flipped Digital Toolkit

The Training Course consits of 9 Modules and takes you through the theory of Flipped and Blended Learning, the different types of Flipped Classrooms, benefits and challenges of a Flipped Classrom, and the neccessary LMS, digital tools and strategies you need, to implement and succeed when Flippin your Classroom.

Module 1 This modules serves as an introduction to the Flipped Digital Teachers Training Course.

Module 2 - Defining the Flipped Methodology This module describes how to define the Flipped training methodology

Module 3 - Flipped Classroom Models Learn about the Flipped Classroom Models

Module 4 - Benefits and Challenges of a Flipped Classroom Learn about the benefits and challenges of Flipped Training

Module 5 - Implementing a Flipped Classroom Learn how to implement a Flipped Classroom

Module 6 - Structure of a Flipped Classroom Learn about the structure of a Flipped Classroom

Module 7 - Planning a Flipped Lesson Learn how to plan a Flipped Lesson

Module 8 - Digital implementation of a Flipped Classroom

Module 9 - Monitoring and Assessing the Flipped Classroom Learn how to monitor and assess the Flipped Classroom

Module 10 - LMS, social media tools, online communication tools for a Flipped Classroom Learn about the following: LMS, social media tools and online communication tools suitable for the Flipped Educational Models

The 10 short Video Pills are a nice tool to be able to see and understand how you most effectively can use different digital plattforms for any part of the Flipped Classroom. Here you can see how to become a Zoom Teacher Master, how you use Google Classroom and all it's features, how to use the LMS called Classflow, how to created videos and different material for your Flipped Class through TedED and Google Classroom, and how to use social media plattforms in your teaching.

How a Learning Management System (LMS) works and how teachers can use it in learning activities.

How to create an online pre-class material using the free available tools like Google Classroom and TedEd

How to create an online task on pre-class material using tools Google Classroom and TedEd

How to create an online assessment of pre-class material using free available tools

How to use a free software Classflow to create a new content and resources activities for online lesson

How to use Google Forms to create an English class self-assessment

How to use Social Media and learning Whatsapp and Facebook

How to use different free available applications in Flipped Classroom activities.

How to use the ZOOM app in a flipped classroom activities.

How to become the best digital teacher in a flipped classroom activities.

The Interactive Catalogue of Best Practices as specifically designed for teachers of the migrant collective, to be able to see and share problems and solutions to their everyday teaching. Here you can find the Flipped Method being implemented into the daily issues any teacher might face, solved with Flipped solutions!

And for some extras, here is the full list of digital tools to use when you plan, implement and create your Flipped Class!

SWEList of Apps to flipp lessons (1)
Download DOCX • 393KB

For comments and questions, don't forget that you can use the private Facebook page to discuss with your peers. You can find it here:


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